The War on Drugs…A Jobs Program?:

With all the hoopla about Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction and illegal drug purchasing activities, an action for which you or I would be in jail, I got to thinking again about this whole War on Drugs thing. You see I don’t think Rush should go to jail for what he has done, but then I don’t think anyone else should either. Who exactly was harmed? Did Limbaugh infringe on anyone else’s rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness? Certainy not mine.

There are people in jail in all 50 states for using drugs far less dangerous than those Rush purchased illegally. Are they really a threat to society? What about the doctors who prescribe these drugs, aren’t they a bigger threat?

Take the case of Cori Love. Cori is one of the all around happiest and most well adjusted girls I know. She is a responsible person and has an all around good attitude. I have known Cori for 5 years.

Two years ago Cori was going to her OB/GYN to get her scrip for birth control renewed. Her regular doctor was out so she was examined by the doctor on call, one who had never seen her before. After the routine examination she calls Cori into the office to “talk” she asks her how she feels and Cori says fine. She then asks her if she ever feels depressed or a little anxious. Cori responded that sometimes she does but she just thought that was normal.

With no further test, no further opinions, no nothing, this “doctor” told Cori that she had depression and she wrote Cori a scrip for Paxil.

Cori got home and was worried, she called me and told me what happened. I was livid, this wasn’t even her regular doctor. I told Cori to hit the Internet and read up on Paxil, Cori did so, decided that she was fine and threw the scrip away. She also found out why this “doctor” was so anxious to write that scrip…You see the doctor gets a kickback from the pharmaceutical company for writing it and another one every time its refilled.

Now explain to me who is more dangerous here? Rush who medicated himself and took the responsibility for doing so, or this so called professional doctor who attempted to get a perfectly normal 24 year old girl who trusted the doctor, hooked on Paxil?

If drug laws were just done away with and people became responsible for their own actions look at all the money this country would save. We can do away with the DEA or scale it way back…look at all the local and state governments that would no longer have all that money to pour down the drain called “The War on Drugs”, They could put it to better use.

OOOPS! Therein lies the answer. You see fighting the War on Drugs takes a lot of money, a LOT of money, and a lot of people on the government payroll. What you have is a Federal, State and Local jobs program as a result of this.

It’s time to rethink all of this people. We have lost too many of our freedoms as it is in the name of this war. It’s time to make a stand.

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The War on Drugs…A Jobs Program?:

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