The Jessica Drake Story:

While I have received responses from Wicked, so far my request to speak with Jessica has gone unanswered.

Here is what I have on this:

It came to my attention through one of the video companies that she shot for that they had two different IDs on her with two very different names. Now Jessica has been married a few times so one could explain it that way, BUT The different IDs were both United States Paassports, Both different First, Middle and Last Names and Both Valid at the same time. That was enough to get me looking into this.

As it stands now I have uncovered more than six different identiies she has used, including birthdates that differ.

I am holding off on anything else untill I get the results of a much more thorough investigation.

If your company has shot Jessica Drake you might want to check your IDs on file for her, there is a very good chance that they are invalid, particulalry if they show a birth year other than 1971.

If you have any information or questions email me

It does NOT appear that she ever worked while underage but if you get your 2257 records checked and you have multiple IDs on her you could have a problem.

XBiz Is Raising Awareness:

As you may have noticed, XBiz has skinned the most popular adult blogs. This is coming at a time when there are persistant rumors that AVN has been sold, despite Paul Fishbein’s denials. XBiz is serious about giving AVN some competition.

For a while now XBiz has been quietly growing and adding to its staff and all of a sudden now I’m seeing XBiz as a real contender. The daily newsfeeds contain relevant information and the site tends to be more business and consumer oriented than fluff like which pornette has labelled herself a “director”

Good Luck to them, though I don’t think they are going to need it.

Jeff Mullen, Nobody Does It Better:

I gotta hand it to Jeff, when he sends out a media kit…he pulls out all the stops. In his media kit for the latest Britney Rears 3 Release he includes;

Britney Rears 1,2 &3 DVDs

2 Britney Rears CD’s (Yes she sings, If you can call that singing)

A Bottle of Vodka (presumeably to make the CD’s listenable (I didn’t work)

A Glass Dildo from Donwands ( Presumeably for Kurt Lockwood Types)

A Bullett Vibe ( My chick o the night liked that one)

A vibrating cock ring ( No I didn’t)

A Coffee Cup (Hey after playing with all this nothing satisfies like a good cup o Joe, Maybe he shoulda included a pack of cigarettes too….)

Various printed Materials ( Hey it is a PRESS kit…)

Congrats Jeff, thats the best one I got all year

Take note Adella….With your next press kit I want Jesse Jane….live and in the flesh….come on dare to raise the bar.

Now Having said that I’m excitedly awaiting Jeffs next press kit…cuz he WILL raise the bar.


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The Jessica Drake Story:

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