The Free Screech Cabal is again under fire.

Yes ever since AVN ran the story that TCI donated 74,500 dollars to the Free Screech Cabal people have been saying the same thing, “Where does this money go?” The FSC has consistantly said it will open its books to any active member, but it has NEVER done so. People are now insisting that the FSC use some of these newfound monies to assist Max in his legal battle, indeed Max’s attorney sits on the board of the FSC.

Don’t hold your breath people, that 74,500 doesn’t even pay Kat Sunlove’s salary for the year, though it would cover her 10 dollar per day TIP she claims she leaves for the maid on her expense reports.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The FSC is useless. I have been asked many times why I don’t run for the FSC board, ya right, theyd vote me off faster than I was voted on, and if they did put me in charge the first thing I would do is disband it lock stock and barrel. Like the lesbian chick in “Election”. Who needs the FSC? What REALLY is it’s purpose?

I know a lot of industry people read this site, many of you are giving your hard earned dollars to the bloated den of thieves, please stop and think before you write that next check, ask yourselves if they have really EARNED this support, what is it exactly they do and why are so many worthless people there drawing high salaries? Ask yourself where the accountability is. Put yourself in Max’s place, Elyse’s place, Adam Glassers place. Would the FSC help you? Don’t hold your breath my friends.

I would like to put forth a challenge to someone out there who is a member of the FSC and to (whose owner likes to brag about how much money he has made on his NVG site. Force the FSC to open their books, and Chilipimp, step up to the plate and hire an independent third party to officially AUDIT those books. Watch the FSC squeal like Ned Beatty in “Deliverance” and watch them run for cover like any cockroach does when you turn on a light.

And look at all the press you would garner on that one chilipimp, hell even I would have high praise for ya.

And, if you are a maid in Sacramento and you have ever gotten a ten dollar a day tip cleaning the room of a hideous white woman please contact me. (Can someone translate that to Spanish for me)

3930cookie-checkThe Free Screech Cabal is again under fire.

The Free Screech Cabal is again under fire.

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