The Best Places to be single:

According to Forbes Magazine the top 5 cities to be single are

1. Washington DC ( ya if ya wanna fuck a politician then get snuffed)

2 Miami (OK Miami isn’t bad but tampa is BETTER…Tampa ranked 23)

3. Chicago (Please, the chicks have wide asses and its fuckin cold…nuff said)

4. Los Angeles (Nice weather but unless yer RICH and single if yer a guy it sucks)

5. Atlanta (I like Atlanta…I’d rank it in the top 5 for sure)


Mike South’s TOP 5 Cities for getting real amateur chicks to do porn:

1. Tampa, FL (When I absolutely, positively HAVE to shoot 5 new girls in 5 days THIS is where I go, no place is better)

2. Atlanta, GA ( hey it’s my home base, it’s where I started and the ration of single chicks to single guys is 10 to 1 PLUS there’s a titty bar on every corner and these Southern Belles are HOT!)

3. Dayton, OH (The people in Cincy/Dayton are the coolest around, they put me on the radio and treat me great everytime I come to town….even though you can’t buy my movies in Cincy. My friends Felicia Fox and Tim live there and so does Dirty Bob I been getting girls from Dayton since my first days in the biz)

4. Dallas, TX (Atlanta’s sister city in many respects, Dallas is a hot bed for hot talent.)

5. Charlotte, NC (Another laid back and fun town with lots of young, pretty and cool chicks. Charlotte rules)

Honorable Mention Austin, TX (Hippy Hollow is a good example of what Austin is all about, Austin is laid back and easy going and the girls are just plain yummy. Austin is one of my favorite towns to shoot in.)

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The Best Places to be single:

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