Sometimes Someone Else Writes Something So Good:

That I appropriate, such is the case today from Good job Scott!

I was reading Mark Kernes’ article on about the Citizens for Community Values (CCV) and their most recent campaign to shut down hardcore porn in hotel rooms. Apparently they’ve taken out advertisements in the New York, NY, and Washington, D.C., editions of today’s USA Today calling on the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to prosecute companies that supply adult movies to hotel guests by way of pay-per-view systems. Their targets are specifically OnCommand and LodgeNet.

When you cruise around the CCV website, you find a lot of junk statistics promoting the idea that the sale, marketing, and consumption of pornography is the root of various crimes in America, claims that blue movies are the source of widespread addiction, and a lot of Judeo-Nazi mumbo jumbo about spirituality and moral values and such. Such a thing is cool, I suppose. We all have our right to opinions and Freedom of Speech, even if folks like this seem to only want those who agree with them to have access to those freedoms.

But it got me thinking of spirituality and how many Christians always feel that anyone who imbibes on anything largely thought of as vice are usually trying to fill a void in their being. Usually, this is thought of as a hole left by an absence of god. By accepting the Christian doctrine, you thereby fill the hole and complete one’s self.

Now I’m not really a spiritual type in the least and really have no real concept of what a soul is. I certainly come from more of an existentialist mode of thinking. Ya know, life is absurd and meaningless and all that matters is taking personal responsibility of our actions and how they affect our lives and others. Either way, I can kind of understand the idea of having some sort of void that needs to be filled, even if it’s just in the human psyche. We all have questions and doubts and traumas and problems; it’s just a matter of how we deal with them.

In my case, I choose to deal with those concerns or fill the holes in my being, as it were, with liquor, cigarettes, strippers, and one sided bar fights where I usually leave bleeding from one of my facial orifices. It brings me solace, a certain peace with my being. Sure, many people may find such a thing unhealthy, which I can understand. I suppose it’s more or less based on what your definition of healthy is as well.

But as I said, I’m not alone. Everyone has his or her own coping mechanisms and distractions. Some people accomplish this through workaholism, sex, or drugs. Others retreat into literature, art, movies, or video games. Some use pornography.

But a large portion of humans use religion as a way to deal with all of those fears, insecurities, and traumas. I guess my question is whether the use of or a (perceived) addiction to a god or some other mythology is really any different than shooting up. It still clouds one’s mind and hinders one’s ability to think as an individual. They both smooth over the crags and crooks in the road of life. They both give the individual a false sense of security.

They both fill that hole.

What do you fill your hole with?

Yeah, I know. It was a good pun.

I guess what I’m getting at here folks is that the CCV simply asks that people replace one numbing agent for another. They just don’t realize it. I guess it’s simply a product of a zealot’s narrow mindset. It’s shameful, really. There are probably a lot of fundy-type Christians who could have made great drinking buddies.


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Sometimes Someone Else Writes Something So Good:

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