Some Thoughts On The Debate

Yes President Obama got his ass handed to him, no doubt about it.
But the thing that got my boxers in a bunch was when Lehrer, President Obama and Mitt Romney all referred to social security as an “entitlement”

Let me tell you three clowns something, I have been paying into social security my entire life and it amounts to a helluva lot more money than I could ever hope to get back. It is not an entitlement, it is an obligation, it is MY money that I, under force gave to the government to provide a meager retirement income.

Don’t forget too that every dime I put into Social Security was matched by my employer.

If Bank of America or any other financial institution sold this as a retirement account they would be handcuffed and jailed for defrauding investors and that is not an exaggeration. Yet the government can use deadly force to make me participate, Land of the free my ass.

There is a reason they call it the “Social Security Trust Fund” that alone means it isn’t an entitlement but an obligation to citizens who have paid into it all of their lives.

I’m still ten years or more away from seeing the first dime from Social Security, I still pay into it as do you, is it wrong to expect our government to have it when the time comes to pay us back what is owed to us?

I say lets move the non violent drug offenders out of the prison system to make room for Congress.

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Some Thoughts On The Debate

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