Some Thoughts on Current Events

The current issues with John T bone faking IDs and reportedly shooting under aged girls in 3rd world countries combined with the recent allegations of Derek Hay’s illegal activities got me to thinking.

Why do we continue to look the other way knowing that sooner or later we as an industry will be hurt by this?

And What about John T Bone’s distributors? Do they need his product and girls so badly that they are willing to risk product recalls that have to cost more than they ever made on the movies?

Are we really that dumb or is it just depraved indifference?

What does the leading Industry publication have to say about any of this?  Nothing. Nada, Zip not one word, instead the news over there is that  someone is doing a scratch and sniff boxcover

or some video company nobody ever heard of signed some male director nobody ever heard of whose stellar qualifications are that he once saw a movie while he was a ward of the California Penal System.

Just Damn Y’all…This is the best we can do?

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Some Thoughts on Current Events

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