Shit Just Got Real LACHD Is Trying to Track Exposures


Los Angeles County Health Department has reason to believe that this outbreak could go back as far as December of 2011 and are reaching out to all talent that has worked with Mister Marcus between Dec 1 2011 and now to please get in touch with them.  It appears that there is more than one case in the industry of secondary stage Syphilis and at that stage it is HIGHLY contagious, even spreadable by kissing.

It may seem that this is not in our best interest as an industry but it really is.  The sooner this gets contained and managed the better and the sooner we all get back to work and back to normalcy.

APHSS has been very irresponsible in it’s recommendations, particularly that you take antibiotics without any evidence that you were exposed and withuot any test.  This opens the door wide for drug resistant strains to develop, you get a shot then get exposed again a week or two later you still get syphilis but there is a chance that it will no longer respond to the penicillin.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not a fan of government intervention in anything but the one thing that is even worse is people with no medical background whatsoever advising you on health issues.   If you think you have been exposed since December 1 2011, I would advise you to see your personal physician.

This is an extremely serious issue participating will not affect the outcome of the condom referendum, that die is already cast, what it will effect is you and your ability to get back to work.  Just do it.

If you need a contact at LACHD email me and I will put you in touch.

65170cookie-checkShit Just Got Real LACHD Is Trying to Track Exposures

Shit Just Got Real LACHD Is Trying to Track Exposures

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