LAS VEGAS — Multi-award winning actress and entrepreneur Serenity has announced her retirement from professional adult video.

When many articles and television reports talk about the negatives of the adult film industry, Serenity is a prime example of how a positive, tenacious and a well-prepared performer can become an overwhelming success.

Discovered by Lucky Smith and Alexis Devell in 1992, Serenity’s first video was Wicked Pictures Jennifer Ate, a movie that paired her with several industry legends. With her first movie completed, Serenity never looked back and, as a result, became one of the most innovative adult film stars of the past ten years.

Long recognized as one of the premier dancers in the industry, Serenity started her adult career in style by winning the $20,000 Topless Dancer World Championship in dominating fashion. She took that title on the road as feature dancer, wowing crowds, club owners and house dancers alike with her amazing choreographed performances.

Serenity comments, “That was an amazing weekend. I was a complete unknown and an underdog. When my name was announced as the winner, I was numb. Special thanks to Don Waite and the staff at Exotic Dancer as well as Universal Entertainment who was my sponsor. That win really launched my feature dancing career.”

In addition to feature dancing, Serenity also choreographed the opening number for the AVN show for many years as well as performed on stage at five of the major Las Vegas strip hotels.

Beginning her career as a girl/girl only performer, Serenity made the leap to boy/girl movies years later that culminated with signing a contract with Wicked Pictures. One of the first all condom contract performers, Serenity would work with Wicked for five years. With complete control over every aspect of her movies, Serenity put her stamp, as well as countless hours in pre and post production, into all her movies.

At Wicked, Serenity teamed with Jonathan Morgan and Martin Brimmer to form one of the most successful actress – director – writing teams in adult history. Crazed, Indigo Delta and Pornogothic were just a few of the cutting edge movies the trio made.

This effort paid off with Serenity’s first acting award from Nightmoves Magazine. The collaboration continued to pay off when the comedy Double Feature became, at the time, the most awarded film in AVN awards show history, netting Serenity her first Best Actress-Video award. This was followed up the very next year with M, Caught in the Act and another Best Actress-Video award for Serenity. Serenity is the only actress in AVN history to win back-to-back Best Actress awards. Along with critics, fans took notice as well and Serenity received multiple wins from popular yearly fan balloting from Rog Reviews, CAVR, ASM and Nightmoves, just to name a few.

Serenity comments, “Jonathan and I fought like brother and sister on just about every project. Mostly because we both really cared about the product we were making. Martin gave us some incredible scripts to work with and Steve Orenstein took a chance allowing us to make them.”

Serenity also found great success in mainstream media. E! Entertainment Channel took notice of Serenity in Cannes, France and asked her to appear on the “Wild on” series. Serenity appeared in more than 20 specials for E! garnering some of the highest ratings for the network.

Serenity adds, “It was one of the most exciting aspects of my adult career. Traveling the world, meeting new people, and getting paid for it — and by a Disney corporation of all things!”

In addition to television work, Serenity was publisher of Deja Vu Showgirls magazine for five years. As publisher she would assist with scouting talent for layouts, write articles and produce the monthly publisher’s column. Serenity also was the hostess for many of the Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year competitions.

Serenity says, “I had a really good time with the Deja Vu crew. It really went further than being an employee. We were all, and still are, like family. I really appreciate all that Harry, Troy and the entire Deja Vu organization have done to help with my career.”

Serenity has also been involved in numerous charity events including an International PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign for which she was honored in New York City.

Serenity comments, “As the owner of rescue animals, I was honored that PETA asked me to be involved. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

In 1999, Serenity launched Las Vegas Novelties and again broke new territory by becoming the first actress to open an adult novelty manufacturing plant. Signing some of the most well known adult actors and actresses, LVNI became quickly known and respected in the novelty side of adult. LVNI has grown tremendously since 1999 and continues to be highly respected throughout the industry.

With too many firsts to name over her illustrious career, what will the future hold for Serenity?

Serenity answers, “I’ll continue with Las Vegas Novelties, my website, and some freelance writing that I’ve been doing, as well as raise a family. I would like to take a moment to thank my fans. I’ve been very blessed to have a successful career in adult and I couldn’t have done it without their support. Thank you to all the magazines, distributors, stores and consumers. It was a wild ride with some crazy ups and downs. I hope I’ve set an example to those entering this business; that with hard work and commitment, you can have a great career in adult.”

Serenity is available today for comment and interviews by appointment only. Press interested in speaking with Serenity should contact Seth Andrea McCoy

Serenity requests that a link be made to be made for additional comments in relation to her retirement

Yes Serenity is Pregnant:

I have known this for a very long time but agreed to keep it quiet at her request.

Big Tit Fan and Movie Maven Russ Meyer is Dead at Age 82

He wasn’t a fan of silicone….

I’m Back!!!

As always the show was a blast and the installments are coming. There was no common thread this year to hold it all together and in all honesty it probably wasn’t as crazy as it was last year. that’s not to say that craziness didn’t happen….Oh it did…but it just wasn’t AS crazy….

Meantime there’s some new developments in porn….well one in particular I wanna chime in on.

Mixed Emotions:

It seems Cal-OSHA has fined TT boy and his companies a sum total of 60,000.00 for his negligence allowing Darren James to contract HIV. Essentially the gist is that TT wasnt in compliance with laws requiring protection for people who come into contact with bodily fluids.

On the one hand I don’t like the government interfering with private enterprise…period. It’s a bad precedent. On the other hand people should have a reasonable expectation of safety at their workplace.

On the one hand this is going to put the fear of government into companies in porn valley in a way that Ashcroft can’t. On the other hand, here in GA I can continue to shoot the way I always have with the same degree of essential immunity. I am not big enough for GA-OSHA to really care and besides nobody has ever gotten sick on one of my sets.(knock on wood). Is my product now going to be worth more?

Does it even matter to me? I put much more into my websites than into video lately…you all know why…It is because I make MUCH more money here on the net.

Now you can see why I have mixed emotions about all of this.

One thing I CAN assure you is that had anyone cared to listen this could have all been headed off at the pass….if we don’t control ourselves….you know the rest of the story.

Thanks To All Who Have Asked:

Yes hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on this area. No I have not suffered any loss save for a couple of plastic chairs. Mexico Beach was without power until Saturday and much of the roads were flooded but no real damage.






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