Seperated At Birth Mario & Ron Jeremy

Here’s one from that Gene Ross missed today…171 pictures of Ron Jeremy as Mario


Boo Got SHOT!

This is a real recording from a Channel 2 News Broadcast here in Atlanta a few years back. This lady was being interviewed because she was an eye witness to a shooting at a local apartment complex. She went on to gain some degree of national fame as this clip was played all over the country but nobody ever found out who she was.


There are two version here The first is the actual recording the second is a “translation” done by my friend Royal Marshal

Boo Got Shot

Royal Translates Boo Got Shot


Hola, From Pamplona:

Hey Mike…
Just peeped the site and saw the El Encerio pic… You will be happy to know that when I am not running with the bulls in Pamplona (yes i´m really here running with them!!!!!), I am reading your site… right after checking my email of course.

Anyhoo, just saw the bulls pic and though I´d drop a line to say Hola… and that these bulls are much bigger and faster than they look on TV. I mean REALLY big and REALLY fast.

The best advice for future bull runners… Always keep a drunken Spaniard between you and the bull.

Later bro… got a bull fight to watch!

I always wanted to do that just once….I reckon I’m a bit old for it now though. Anyhow my hats off to ya bro, Tag a senorita for me!

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Seperated At Birth Mario & Ron Jeremy

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