Scott Fayner Gets One Right!

 I been saying this for quite a while now, Scott Fayner nailed it!

We all know that Howard Stern made all his money and got all his fame BECAUSE of porn people willing to let the show humiliate them and shine a blinding light as to just how stupid most porno people are…

In a just world, all the money Howard probably rolls around in on a daily basis should be coated in semen. Or ass juice. Or the tears of a thousand lost girls…

Sasha Grey made a statement about how Howard is a racist. He cried the Hudson River. Like, how DARE someone talk shit on him!? That’s HIS thing!

Is Howard so terrified of having an actual debate with someone that he’ll waste a wonderful moment like sparring with a porn chick about racism?

Is he only on his game when tricking sluts into putting their head in the toilet and making them try and spell words?

Howard Stern is a racist. Sasha may have said it was only a joke, but I’ll stand behind it.

One would think talking racism with a semi-intelligent adult star would make for good ratings. Sure, they’d have to cut the “Pin the tail on the giant vagina” segment in half, so yeah, we’ll just skip it. Maybe next week.

Howard Stern can sit well in his IKEA-inspired house and sip his prune juice and take his afternoon nap knowing he never let anyone get the best of him. The retarded twins with AIDS came close, but…

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Scott Fayner Gets One Right!

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