Reviews Have Returned:

They include a front and back photo of the cover, our review and/ commentary, a link to CAVR’s review,a link to rog’s review, a link to buy online, a link to watch online.

Currently Reviewing, selling and video on demand from the following companies

American Hardcore
Black Widow
Cal Vista
Elegant Angel
Legal Pink
Lethal Hardcore
Loaded Digital
New Sensations
Pure Play
Red Light District

Should have them all onlne in a few days tops, many are online now. Thanks to these fine folks, If you would like to be listed and reviewed here email me

Classifieds Are Ready To Go Online:

Lets face it, most of Porn Valley reads this site, even the HWMIC. So what could be better than putting your ad in front of all these people? Doing it for FREE!

That’s right, as a community service I will be running free classified ads in the classifieds section. You may send your ads in the following formats:

1. Plain text

2. html, you must host the ad page, it must contain no banners, no click throughs, no dailers just an email address to respond to. 1 clickable link to your company website is permitted, links to gallerys and join pages are not. redirects and popups are not allowed and don’t even think about adding that stuff after your link has been approved, doing so will get you banned for LIFE.

You may list in any category, help wanted, work wanted, for sale, for hire whatever.

email your ad to me.

Goddess Has been On My Ass:

To comment on the passing of Grandpa Munster – Al Lewis.

When I first got into the biz AVN used to have these Halloween Parties. I used to fly out for them. The first one I ever went to I took Midori as my date, after I had been in a while I noticed a fellow dressed like Grandpa Munster, it was a perfect costume. I commented to the guy…I said dude you have the best costume here, that’s awesome! you look JUST LIKE Grandpa Munster! He thanked me and asked me my name. I replied Mike South, to which he said Hi, Mike I’m Al Lewis, nice to meet you!

I bout died

A few weeks later he was in my hometown of Atlanta on the local Rock Station 96 Rock and he told that story.

Al Lewis was a nice guy, That’s what I remember about him, he always remembered me after that Halloween, and I him.


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Reviews Have Returned:

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