Ok this shit makes me crazy:

Yesterday I spoke with Avalon, Gigi Appleton, a truly nice lady is the HWWIC at Avalon. She tells me how slow sales are and summer is coming up and and nobody is moving much product etc.

Then today I get a call from a big chain of video stores here in Atlanta, they want to buy direct from me because their distributor, IVD, cannot keep them supplied with my tapes, this is not the first time I have addressed this problem, it isn’t even the fifth or sixth, more like the tenth. This customer sells out of my product almost as fast as they get it, I’m a local boy, I do very well here and across most of the Southern States. But does the distributor increase the shipments of my titles to this customer….In a pigs eye….Instead the customer tells me ” I’m swimming in this fucking Al Borda shit they keep sending me but I can’t get enough copies of your stuff or Jules Jordan’s”

So I send the customer to Avalon, who will not sell direct to the customer because Avalon doesn’t punk it’s distributors that way…If only the distributors were as loyal and honest.

Not a single week goes by that I don’t get multiple emails from people who want my videos but can’t find them in their local store or from store owners who can’t seem to get their distributor to send them my stuff. And this pisses me off because it is money out of my pocket, it means that “Customer NO Service” at these companies is exactly that.

What’s the answer? If anyone knows email me.

3120cookie-checkOk this shit makes me crazy:

Ok this shit makes me crazy:

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