OK South How DO You Do It?:

You are one amazing hillbilly. Danny Lohner, Gene Simmons, you can get the name of the hotels where the superbowl players are staying, and you know more about who is doing what in porn valley than the people in porn valley. How DO you do it?

If I told you I would have to kill you….just be content that this part of the site is and shall remain…FREE! Subsidized for you by my paying customers!

Jim Writes:

OK Wise ass you know so much about football and all tell us where the teams are staying.

Ask and ye shall recieve….smart guy…the AFC is staying at the Wyndam Greenspoint and the NFC is staying at the Intercontinental Galleria.

Now go get yer memorabilia and don’t say I never gave ya nothing.


I have a prediction, and that prediction is that the Super Bowl” is going to be a resounding disappointment at every level this year. I base this on the fact that I have a close friend who works for a mojor hotel corp. and she is based in Houston. She told me that people are trying left and right to cancell their non-refundable reservations (4 day minimum paid in advance). Seems whoever is playing (Tha Patriots and the Panthers?) just ain’t all that interesting.

I dunno know about you guys but football has never been interesting to me, maybe it is because I played and coached hockey, a real mans sport. Personally I’m kind of surprised at the whole football thing anyhow, I mean it’s pretty easy to see its appeal is to latent homosexuality. The game is full of homo erotic images and actions is it not?

Anyhow Im not sure who is playing, so I cant predict who might win, on the other hand at what the networks charge for a 30 second ad I’m sure that ultimately THEY are the winners.

Show me a guy watching a football game on a beautiful fall afternoon and I will show you a guy who ain’t gettin laid….

Anyone Know This Guy and Which “Reality Site” He Shoots For?:

Man Arrested Hiring Woman for Porn Film
woman thought she was interviewing for secretarial job

–Associated Press

Stockton, Ca- A 29-year-old woman who interviewed for a minimum-wage secretarial job got more than what she bargained for when she called police after the interviewer allegedly suggested she could earn four times as much by performing in his adult movies.

Michael Allen Garfield, 57, was taken into custody after an undercover police officer called about the same porn job and was invited to Garfield’s hotel room for an audition. Garfield was arrested for operating without a business license or an adult-industry permit. Tina O’Grodnick, the woman who filed the complaint against Garfield, said she was mortified when Garfield’s questions turned to her marital status, bra size and sex positions she favored.

O’Grodnick said she didn’t want to call Garfield a pig because he might grab her and that he had her personal information on a resume sheet. She said when she left the room, Garfield hugged her.

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OK South How DO You Do It?:

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