Oh My! What would Bill Cosby say:

Coke to advertise with nude models

Worried about incursions by competitive brands (read Pepsi), Coca-Cola is upping the ante in the British advertising wars. Beginning next week, the world’s largest soft drink company will feature naked models in its UK ads. The US$700,000 campaign will feature glistening, clothes-free women with copy that reads, “Get your hands on a contour.” Said Liz Lowe, Coke’s UK brand manager, “Consumers are used to seeing erotic images on TV and in magazines. What we’re doing is . . . more sensuous. The way it is being done will raise a smile, rather than anything else.”

OK the high low on this leaking out in the American press and causing an uproar and threatened boycotts by the religious right is 24 hours. I’m still sticking with Mountain Dew (A Pepsi Product)

4040cookie-checkOh My! What would Bill Cosby say:

Oh My! What would Bill Cosby say:

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