Oh Good Lord Y’all:

Ya know it’s funny, the shit I think isn’t the least bit controversial gets all blown outta whack.

Apparently according to all the lesser bloggers, I am “dissing” da pornchicks or called Bree or Jesse Jane a fraud, yada yada.

Good lord y’all. You’d think I was selling some kind of national security secret to Muslims or something…I mean do ya’ll really think that the world doesn’t know they don’t write these columns? And where exactly do I call them frauds? I simply said I’d bet my last dime they didn’t write a word of it…and really…who cares?

Does it make them less good at what they actually do? Of course not, Jesse Jane didn’t get to the top of this biz because she writes like Ernest Hemmingway, and old Papa didn’t get to the top of his biz by being a hot chick who fucks on camera, or anywhere, or even a hot chick for that matter.

And since when does not being able to write make you unintelligent?  Fuck I am smart and I can’t write. I’m a hack, I do this for fun, I entertain, sometimes I make you think, sometimes I piss you off….hey guess what?  IT’S FREE!  You don’t like it, please, you do it. Or go away, hell I don’t care.

Be proud of what you are, not ashamed of what you aren’t, nobody is “dissing” you (God I hate that stupid non word).

This is the biggest mountain out of a mole hill yet.

But I can’t say that porners don’t amuse me.

Any one of y’all who wishes to write something here and show the world that you are the next John Steinbeck, please feel free…I will run it, email it to me, include your phone number for verification showcase your literary genius…

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Oh Good Lord Y’all:

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