Obama I Have Some Advice For You:

Ok let’s face it, Hillary started the shit what with implying that you are a Muslim and all and God knows the Republicans have got all of America scared to death of  what Little Boots calls the “tourists” or at least it sounds like he is saying tourists. Now apparently these “tourists” (thats Presidential speak for terrorists if you have figured it out yet) are all Muslim, radical Islam and all.

OK Mr Obama we all know that you are the odds on favorite to go up against John McCain for the Presidency, and let’s face it, he is going to paint you as a muslim extremist and Allah knows we can’t have one o’ them in the White House. So whatcha’ gonna do?

Well I have the solution for ya, all I’m gonna ask in return is that you restore at least some of the rights that have been usurped from us average Americans by the wars on drugs and terror.  I trust you will be a man of honor and do that.

So here’s the solution.  Bring your ass on down here to Atlanta and give me a call, me and you will then go over to Harold’s Barbeque ( Atlanta’s Best ) over by the Federal Pen and sit down to a couple of barbeque pork sandwiches.

You say you are no longer a Muslim, that you are Christian now,  that you studied Islam as a child but now you are a Christian, well my friend that makes you what the Muslims call an Apostate and the penalty for that, like everything else in Islam,  is death, so what have you got to worry about?  Every hillbilly  with a pair of overalls or a mullet knows that Muslims would sooner die than eat pork so we get a few good press shots of you eatin that barbeque pork pig sandwich and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are sure gonna have to find something else to try to frighten people with.

You know where to find me…

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Obama I Have Some Advice For You:

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