Miss Jackson if You’re Nasty:

Justin Timberlake, during a dance number at the halftime show, bared Janet Jackson’s tit, right on Prime time TV.. wel get a pic ASAP.

Houston We Have a Problem (A Mikesouth.com EXCLUSIVE):

Heres what I have figured out from talking to the parties involved. Steve Seideman apparently got 4 porn girls together to do personal appearances in Houston TX this weekend for three days starting Thursday the girls were suppossed to dance twice a day at each of 3 clubs. The Mens Club, Ricks Cabaret and Babes.

The invited girls were Monica Mayhem, Shayla Levauex, Amber Lynn and Lexi L’Amour, a hot list of girls to be sure. they all signed a contract with a 30 day cancellation clause by either party.

The first night the girls were picked up and Lexi and Shayla went immediately to Ricks and Monica and Amber went to a club called Suedes. Obviously Suedes wasn’t in the contract but they were being nice about it and going to make the best of it. That is until Suedes wanted them to dance in the windows of the club to attract customers to come in. Monica and Amber rightly refused. They agreed to stand outside and greet customers and help to generate business that way. They attracted quite a crowd but most of the guys grew bitter when the club wouldn’t let them take pictures with the girls unless they had paid to come in. The club, meanwhile was charging guys a hefty sum to get on a bus with Monica and Amber, who had no idea they were to be on the bus, which had NO security and a bunch of fans expected a hundred dollars worth of Amber and Monica.

They are then taken to Ricks where a group of people had leased the club and were charging, get this…450.00 a head to come in and see the girls, this included an open bar and a buffet that someone suggested was probably the same one Ricks serves at lunch for free.

Needless to say the club was dead, even though it was superbowl weekend. The house dancers and the porn stars were none to happy with all of this. There had been no advertising or anything and the guys that did plunk down 350.00-450.00 had no intention of having to pay for entertainment and do you blame them?

They had also reserved a block of hotel rooms that they were trying to gouge people for, it was “a fiasco”

As one of the girls told me “We aren’t just cheap hookers and strippers” but that was how they were being treated.

After the first night the following nights were cancelled, the girls still expected to be paid, per their contract, but only got paid for one night.

Most of the girls had cancelled other engagements to do this and none of them are happy about it.

“They just got way too greedy.” said one “If they had charged 50 dollars a person to get in everyone would have made money and everyone would have been happy but instead they got greedy and tried to screw everyone.”

Indeed it’s just like people in porn, always looking for an elaborate scheme to try to fuck someone out of a quarter.

Some company named Dream Makers was the “mastermind” of this Wile E Coyote-esque plot.

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Miss Jackson if You’re Nasty:

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