Mike and the impromptu photo shoot….

So yesterday afternoon Mike calls me and says “Lindsey, we need to get more glamour style pics taken soon so we can finish getting your site up.”   I had just returned from my afternoon workout, if you can call it that, and said “cool, cum on over, I’ll jump in the shower and get presentable.”  About an hour and a half later Mike shows up (I live in God’s country…halfway between hell and highwater) and starts hauling in his gear…the usual stuff, lighting, tripods, cords, flashes and all the other bells and whistles.  We make small talk for a little while and he tells me what he wants to accomplish, etc. and the whole time I’m thinking to myself , how cool is this…you can’t even get a pizza delivered competently anymore in this day and age but here I have a pornographer that makes house calls.  How AWESOME is that?   And to top it all off he is doing this for me and me alone…he’s not shooting content for his site, only for mine. 

We start doing the usual clothed, lingerie-style shots and then progress to the “birthday suit” and beyond, the whole time Mike is cracking jokes, talking about the day’s goings on and we’re really having a good time (other than the occasional barking fits from my Pomeranian).  So we shoot 200 or 300 pics and then we decide to fill my 4 person jacuzzi tub in my bedroom with bubble bath and shoot some pics there.  I had a great time with Mike, like I always do, every shoot is a pleasure even though he can be a slave driver at times…LOL (“hold that fucking leg right there and don’t move it until I tell you to…OK?)   The man is a renaissance pornographer…PERIOD!  I am really looking forward to going with Mike to Miami next month for EXXXOTICA, I know we are going to have a blast…especially when we shoot at Haulover Beach, which for those of you that don’t know is 100% totally NUDE…HELL YEAH…I’ll be in my element and LOVING every minute of it.

 Mike also mentioned last night that I will be shooting another bukkake, hopefully soon, travel schedule permitting.   So grab your number early boys….I want at least a baker’s dozen!  Last Fridays was so much fun…I was looking forward to it for weeks, I knew I would enjoy it but I had no idea how much until it got going.  There’s just something about being surrounded by meat that gets this girl’s juices flowing! 

Lastly I just wanted to say a heart-felt “Thank You” to Mike for being so understanding, helpful and insightful to a “new girl on-the-block” in the business.  Mike has really taken me under his balls…um.. I mean wing, and shown me the right and wrong paths in the adult industry.  Mike tells me I have the potential to go far in this business…I guess that remains to be seen.  I can tell you this:  God willing, this girl is going to be around for a very long time.  I couldn’t think of a better teacher. 

26420cookie-checkMike and the impromptu photo shoot….

Mike and the impromptu photo shoot….

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  1. yer very welcome doll face, its a pleasure to work with ya! you are as fun as you are pretty so it isnt even like its a job I will post a few pics in a bit

  2. Hey Lindsey, I just got two requests for you: First, please give as much advance notice as possible on your second bukkake! If I can swing it, I WILL come out from L.A. to be there. Second, when you go to Haulover Beach and the cameras start going off, could you make sure you’re standing in FRONT of Mike!! 😉

  3. A second bukkake would be great news. Hope you do it. Hope it’s a gangbang bukkake. And also hope you get your eye whited out completely, as I always like to see.

    You probably haven’t seen it, but there are several old comeonherface bukkakes I love where the eyes were completely covered up and the girl could be seen trying to look out through the white stuff. Don’t know how they did that but it looked beautiful.

    Also, there was one very old Private shoot where a former model had her breasts, pussy and face gooed up pretty well that you’d look wonderful doing.

    I’ll gladly send you some pics so you can see what I mean on any of these.

    Hope to see you again.

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