Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….We won’t get fooled again

Anyone notice a change at Hmmmm, I didn’t either. To bad. It’s obvious that ChiliPimp still owns it, he still can’t resist being dumbass.

Speaking of a couple of people (namely Goddess and JimmyD) were wondering why MarcoG took a swipe at me. Well I will tell ya why. Marco wrote a bit for last week suggesting that site owners go to relational database technology to manage password files, he went on with a lameass, not to mention entirely wrong account of how a relational database works. I emailed him this, which also answered a swipe Wanker Wang took about my editing. The pussies didn’t have the balls to run it.

MarcoG allow me to educate you. 2 systems writing to the same file doesn’t by definition cause problems. 2 systems writing to the same file at the same time can cause problems, but not if you have implemented file locking.

second never try to explain relational databases until you know what you are talking about, they do not use “files” as you describe them, they use “relations” also called tables tables consist of “tuples” also called records and records consist of “attributes” also called columns.

There is a mathematical model for determining which attributes are associated with which tables, this model is called normal forms.

To recommend a relational database like Oracle to maintain a 1000 entry password file is ludicrous, it is ludicrous even for a 10,000 entry password file. There are much less expensive alternatives many are even free, and any perl hack worth his salt can implement the code.

and yes there are winows based rdbms’s that can be used but only a complete moron runs a website on windows. Even Microsoft uses UNIX for that.

Now as for Wanker Wang…congrats on your new job, writing for a site that’s losing readers daily, hey maybe you can turn it around, you did wonders with yer ex wife. You wanna bag on my editing? go right ahead but everyone in porn with a brain knows better, from AVN to Adam Film World to CAVR I have been recognized for my slick editing and even good fuck off loser…lets see your AVN Awards, your positive reviews, anything to back up your bullshit. Have you looked at ChiliPimps product? talk about shit editing…now theres some shitty editing. Chilipimp is no fucking pimp he is a trick and a grifter, playing a short con on people horny enough to join his site…it’s the internet version of the “Murphy

So that’s why MarcoG don’t like me, if anyone else cares.

1920cookie-checkMeet the new boss, same as the old boss….We won’t get fooled again

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss….We won’t get fooled again

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