John Thompson

How many American porners know that name? How many American Porners have any idea what GGG or 666 are? They should, it’s their big competition in Europe. The titles from Thompson outsell even Private. And porners wonder why the european market has slipped away from them. How many American porners have a good web presence? How many are ready to go head to head with Private?

I can tell you one who is. “Hustler”. Hustler is branching even into mainstream, watch and learn Russ, Steve and Steve.

The folks at Hustler know who Thompson is, and at Hustler all the lights are on.

I am looking to buy US rights to Thompsons product, all of it. The problem is, he makes plenty of money and is reportedly content with his european fortune As such, I have not been able to get through to him, if anyone can help me, contact me.

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John Thompson

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