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 One of the things I have always tried to do is stay on top of trends in the biz.  I try to look for things that might be profitable for me, as bukkake was, and still is.

One area of porn that doesn’t seem to be in a serious downturn is Japanese Adult Video (JAV to enthusiasts) and theres no shortage of fans and of sites devoted to this. The Japanese porn industry was the first to exploit some pretty big genres, like bukkake, creampies (called nakadashi), squirting (Shiofuki)  and costumed themes (cosplay).

But even with all the niches in the JAV market they seem to put out at least as much, if not more, plain old sex than we do, much of it censored so that genitals are pixelated (more and more JAV companies are offering uncensored versions). So what is it that makes it so popular?

Trolling around on some of the biggest forums, many of which offer torrents and nzbs pretty much answers the question.  Aside from the asianophiles with the asian fetish, it seems that they prefer the softer, more demure and feminine asian actresses…JAV stars like Maria Ozawa, Riko Tachibana, and Akira Watase are as recognizeable there as Jenna Jameson is here, and at least as wealthy. What you generally don’t see in JAV video is fake tits, blonde hair, and whorish behavior.  The girls are typically (and stereotypically) submissive.

But at the same time the guys aren’t overtly dominant, you won’t see choking, slapping, yelling, or overtly aggressive behavior from the males.  You also don’t see their faces or hear them blabbering about themselves or trying to talk sexy to the girls.  It seems that in JAV males are to be seen and not heard.

Speaking of being seen, the guys are rarely anything more than a penis attched to an anonymous and nondescript body. The videography is shot and composed with the emphasis on the female, tight closeups on her face, with emphasis on her orgasms, which seem much more genuinely real than what comes out of porn valeey, no theatrics just keep it simple sex, without the wandering cameras, talking directors, and preening males. They also tend to pay a lot more attention to keeping the make up fresh and not garishly over done.

After watching a few I began to get it, even though the mosaic over the geneitals is annoying it’s pretty much forgiveable because the eroticism is high, way higher than what I see here.

Maybe JAV itself is a niche market here but it has to be larger than say, cuckolding, maybe some enterprising Porn Valley company could make some money exploiting this.

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JAV Talkin

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