I’ve seen better film on teeth:

I’ve seen better film on teeth:

I got free tix to screen the movie “Autofocus”. The movie stars Greg Kinnear in the role of Bob Crane, Kinnear actually did a decent job, he was a believable Bob Crane. The movie itself, well quite simply it sucked. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who is familiar with Director Paul Schrader’s other work “Hardcore”. Just like in “Hardcore” the director does everything in his capacity (Which doesn’t amount to much) to condemn and demonize the art of pornography. There are heavy religeous and self righteous overtones throughtout the loose story of Crane’s rise to fame as Colonel Hogan and his subsequent fall and eventual murder.

The story itself reads like something written by a child in elementary school about some adventure he took then at the end he dies, What story there is is excruciatingly weak, there is no hook other than the brief glimpses of nudity and homemade porn, the camerawork is amateurish and the movie looks like it was shot on 16 millimeter and poorly posted, the film is grainy and the shots are often shaky and usually poorly lit. There is nothing redeeming here, they didn’t even use any of Crane’s real footage, or if they did it wasn’t much and they certainly didn’t even allude to anyone famous that Crane may have had tapes of.

As self indulgent as they portrayed Crane to be by the end of the movie ole Bob was nowhere NEAR as self indulgent as Schrader is in this dreadful movie, right down to the point of dishonesty.

To sum up the movie real quick for ya

Bob Crane = innocence

John Carpenter (Cranes best friend) = pornography

John literally and figureatively kills Crane

The fact that Schrader has yet to come to terms with his own sexuality and has tremendous guilt whenever he gets an erection from seeing a beautiful female is the one thing that does come through in this movie, though I am sure Schrader never intended this to be the case. Just like “Hardcore” this is a hatchet job on the people who make porn and on those who enjoy it in a healthy manner.

If you have ninety minutes to spare and get 2 free tickets like I did, invest your time wisely and read my website, it’s more factual, more entertaining and I’m honest.

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I’ve seen better film on teeth:

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