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No matter how you cut it Cheney is clearly at fult on this one. As someone who has hunted quail my since I was six years old, I can tell you he fucked up on at least three counts. Rules I knew at 6 years old:

1. You treat every gun as though it is loaded.

2. You always make sure that you know what you are shooting at and what is behind it

3. When hunting in a party you fire between the 10 Oclock and 2 Oclock positions, Cheney turned all the way around to the 6 OClock position, thats a 180 degree turn, and to think you can do that without shooting one of your hunting partners is stupid.

And here is the bottom line, the guy who pulls the trigger is responsible, period.

And it turns out that he was hunting without a valid license, which he now says he has sent the money for.

OK if you or I get caught hunting without a license they don’t say well if you buy one now it’s OK. Thats bullshit, he broke the law and should be treated same as anyone else.

Bottom Line it was an accident, but it was one born of carelessness. Now if Cheney is a man he will own up to it. This spin of blaming the guy who got shot because he didn’t come up behind Cheney and announce his presence is complete bullshit.

Course it was just a lawyer…


Mike Ramone Writes:

re: OUTRAGED MUSLIMS! OH MY! From My Buddy Neal Boortz:

Bravo. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course, this makes it all the more reprehensible that our esteemed First Lady Laura Bush over the weekend termed the Danish cartoons satirizing Muhammad, well, “reprehensible.” Apparently, she doesn’t believe in the bedrock American principles of the First Amendment and a free press. Or at least won’t admit it in public, for fear of further antagonizing the superstitious hordes.

Yup, ole Boortzy has been my buddy since before he went into national syndication. He is a Libertarian who tends to lean a bit to the right but he is 4 square against morality based laws believing that laws against drug use cost more than they are worth and that laws against prostitution are wrongly based. He isn’t a fan, he is a friend and I love the guy.

Today is The Day We Celebrate What Has Evolved Out Of Lupercalia:

Call it a Hallmark Holiday or whatever you want it’s the day we tell our loved one (if you have one or even more) That you love them. I have obtained a list of some porners Valentines.

Nick Manning of course sent one to the person he loves most, Nick Manning.

Kurt Lockwood sent out several, all to L.A. area tranny hookers.

Adella sent one to me.

Luke Ford sent one to Holly Randall who sent one to her ex boyfriend.

Dan sent one to Katy (names with held to protect the guilty)

Taylor Rain sent one to her dealer as did Scott Fayner

Ron Jeremy sent one to the Grand Buffett

Gene Ross sent one to Skeeter who sent one stuffed with money to Gene.

Christian Mann sent one to Websters

David Aaron Clark didn’t sent one to anyone

Paul Fishbein sent one to the U.S. Treasury

Jessie Jane sent one to Adella

Mike South sent One To Blue Water Tackle in Mexico Beach

Tim Case sent one to Wankus

Wankus sent one to Wankus

Seymore from Sardos sent one to Wankus, along with a box of chocolates. (Sardos is where they have Porn Star Karaoke and turned an otherwise slow night into one of the hottest hangouts in Burbank.)

Speaking of PSK can you imagine how sappy it will be tonight.


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