Is The Government Testing Bio Weapons On Us:

Every year it’s the same thing, everyone in porn comes home from Vegas with the “Porn Flu” aka the “Vegas Flu”. Now we are a pretty ahrdy bunch, I mean porners and pornettes routinely do dirty ass to mouth, ass to pussy, 50 man cream pie gangbangs, and pretty much have unprotected sex with anything that has fewer than 4 legs. Porners scoff at germs.

So what could be so potent that it can infect everyone in porn year after year after year?

The only thing I can figure is that the government is testing biological weapons on us, I mean what better group right? I suspect it is secretly funded by the Christian Right or maybe even the XXX Church.

About The AVN Awards:

As you saw from the pics I attended again, compliments of the kind folks at AVN. Maybe I was spoiled by the old days at Ballys when the ticket included mountains of good food, including sushi and sashimi and all sorts of tasty treats. The show ran for like a day and a half back then so I guess they had to feed us. Now the show run time is rock solid at about two and a half hours, the entertainent is decent as is the food (appetizers that were delivered to the tables this year.

They desperately do need to coach the girls on how to speak into the microphone though, far too many hold it too far from their mouths and their tiny voices just don’t carry. Put the damn thing against your lips and TALK! don’t mumble and don’t talk softly.

As I expected Pirates swept the awards, with Catherine picking up a few technical awards. Devil In Miss Jones, as I predicted swept the Film categories and Camp Cuddly Pines took the rest pretty much.

I did Miss best Actor though, Evan Stone won that one and congrats to Tommy Gunn on his best supporting actor win which I did call.

I also missed on Sunny Lane, having picked her for best new starlet, damn you just never know where that ones gonna go….

And lets not forget that Adam and Eve was half of Pirates win as well, that was a joint effort so both A&E and DP get kudos for raising the bar.

All In All The Whole Show Was A TON of Fun:

And I want to publicly thank Paul Fishbein, Mike Ramone, Sue Procko and Adella O’Neal for making press credentials available to me and for making the whole process fast and efficient.

And Thanks To You:

All my readers for letting me into your lives, it is an honor that you return day after day to read what I have on my mind, Thank You.

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Is The Government Testing Bio Weapons On Us:

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