In The What Goes Around Comes Around Department:

Porn’s veteran scumbag John T Bone is whining that New Sensations owes him 12,000.00 dollars for a “feature” he tirned in and was never paid for. Considering the number of people this asshole bounced checks to, never paid at all and fucked over ryally…it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

Now some of you are probably thinking ya but what about RoB Black, when will he get his. Well he is believe me when I tell you that egotidical little sleazeball is hating the obscurity that he is wallowing in right now. He scammed so many people for so long that they all got wise to him and no matter how hard he tries to ride Byrons coattail back into the biz, he destroyed Byron or rather Byron destroyed himself and now neither can sell sell a video…even with Tim Connellys help.

So To Anyone Who Thinks Porn Isn’t Mainstream:

You need only look at how litigious it has become. We currently have lawsuits against New Sensations and Owner Scott Taylor and against AVN and owner Paul Fishbein .. for sexual harrassment no less…in porn. Just wait till the pornettes learn that they can sue for that nasty throat infection they got from doing ass to mouth, or for the surgery need on their assholes after a double penetration, or for the chlamydia they got in the workplace. Just wait for a hungry lawyer to come in and make a practice of this type of litigation.

Mean time on a more positive note we have Red Light District offering a 100,000.00 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone making illegal copies of “1 Night in Paris”. Bravo to owner David Joeseph, this has been a recurring problem in our industry and few companies have made much effort to curb it, only Evil Angel and Anabolic come to mind as exceptions, for everyone else it’s just a cost of doing business.


13080cookie-checkIn The What Goes Around Comes Around Department:

In The What Goes Around Comes Around Department:

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