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Don’t ya just love how Gene Ross sets himself up as some sort of arbiter for truth, justice and honor. This, a man void of even a shred of honor. Remember who he worked for last? Rob Black….ya there’s an honorable guy, Those dirtbags, Rob, Tom Byron, Gene Ross and the like at Extreme bounced checks to pretty much everyone in the biz on a regular basis. Many people never got paid…And good old Gene is always there to plug whatever scam Rob is running next. Now you guys want to believe Ross is some sort of good guy? I judge people partially by the company they keep cuz don’t you know that birds of a feather flock together. All I can say is it is a good thing for that pussy Rob Black that Guy Capo isn’t a thug or Rob would have gotten the ass kicking he SO RICHLY deserves. We can only hope….Maybe someday…..

And Now A PSA:

JADE LIEU, one of the two thieves, is on the far left.

From David Aaron Clark, A Fellow I Know To Be a Decent Guy

I NEVER do this sort of thing, but this is an exceptional ocassion. I’m sure they’re out of the country by now, but just discovered that Chinese amateur porn actress Jade Lieu and her British husband Steven Leeds, who I let stay at my home before and after the AVN Expo, and whom my company paid for to attend, stole an entire show’s master tapes and half the accompanying releases from off my desk before leaving in the morning while I was asleep. Didn’t discover the theft until today because the material was already computerized for editing, and copies of all releases had already been filed with my distributor, so no loss, but just wanted to warn you, since I know they turn to you for work when nobody else wants to hire Jade (Lau Gam Yu, she first called herself on your site). They also kept wardrobe my wardrobe person had lent them for the show, and ripped off several small producers Jade had contacted on her own. The psycho husband (suitcase pimp psychoticus) is the diminutive “mastermind,” Jade just does what he says.

If by any chance they are still in SoCal and you have info on their whereabouts, please contact me at 818-692-9560 or my co-producer, Brian Surewood at 818-231-6236.
image of entire female cast of show so that any who might be offered the stolen camera master tapes for sale may recognize — they have digital stills as well, many that I burned for them, another disc’s worth not featuring Jade that was also stolen.

JADE LIEU, one of the two thieves, is on the far left. She is Northern Chinese, with extremely heavy Chinese-British accent, 32 years old, and I think around 5’3″. Her husband, Steven Leeds, is an inch or two shorter, with dark hair and dark eyes, clean-shaven, average build, and complains about the U.S. and the porn industry all the time. When they shoot for you Jade will try to “forget” to sign the release, having been coached by her husband.

He’s a former cattle breeder who, as I learned, decided to push his wife into porn “to spice up our boring marriage.” They reside in Manchester, England, where he restores stain-glass windows but they visit the states, both in SoCal and Florida, Dade County area, fairly frequently. I am not the only one they have ripped off — I’m just the one they did it to most spectacularly, showing a completely sociopathic response to the generosity and kindness shown them by Brian Surewood and myself.

Everyone who knows me knows that despite my public persona I am a very private person and would normally never take a matter like this so public, but this married pair of wannabes have a grudge seemingly against the entire industry because very few thought Jade worthy of shooting, and evidently have rationalized major and minor theft from anyone in the industry who they have tried to associate themselves with. Please forward this email and pic to any parties you deem appropriate!


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In The It Takes One To Know One Department:

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