I was in South Florida last week

and I stopped into a huge store called Adult Megasex, Im telling you this store was a giant…prolly 60,000 or more titles on the shelf. how many of my tapes do you supposse they had? NOT A MOTHER FUCKING ONE! and guess who their distributor is…IVD. I ask the manager about all of this, he said he just takes what IVD sends him. So who do I blame here for this? IVD because they push the stuff they have the best margins on…the stuff they produce? or Avalon, for not making these guys move their product? Avalon protects IVD by not selling direct to retailers but IVD isn’t selling Avalon product to them…BTW this store had NO Avalon product in it. And who is it that looses when this shit happens anyway…it’s you, the consumer, you are thje one who always takes it up the ass when companies don’t care. I have long said that an educated consumer is porns worst nightmare, and thanks to the internet and less guilt about porn the consumer is getting more educated every day.

HEY I got some email!!!!

3320cookie-checkI was in South Florida last week

I was in South Florida last week

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