How Low Will AIM Go?

Given the inconsistent stories coming from AIM, they certainly appear to be ready to throw the HIV positive female performer under the bus.

Now maybe AIM is telling the truth, maybe she did really work with an indeterminate test, maybe she didn’t know the results and the producer really did call and was told her test was indeterminate.  No matter which way you cut it, AIM is setting themselves up a sacrificial lamb, be it the producer or be it the performer or both.

He may turn out to be that AIM says one thing and the performer/producer say another but you can bet your ass AIM is looking to cover their ass.

If any of the performers who have tested positive, want to talk, I want to talk with you.  I know that you are reading this site.  I want to hear your side of it and while I may think that AIM has a responsibility to make your information public, I do not have that responsibility, as a matter of fact mine is exactly opposite. I have never nor will I ever disclose a source. Period.  if you know anything about me at all you know I will keep that vow.

I wont pressure you, I will ask questions that you may decline to answer but I will let you say whatever you like and it WILL be read.

Ideally I’d like for the most recent female to come forward and end the speculation, I know that takes guts, but I think if you search your soul you know it would be the right thing to do, it would be brave and honest and you have my word that I will not allow you to be thrown under the bus by AIM or anyone else, I have stood up to them many times and never once backed down.

I invite any of the HIV cases that were covered up to contact me confidentially via this site

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How Low Will AIM Go?

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