Hey Cool! I Caught One :

Alright Mike, if you gonna bait me on the escorting porn stars thing, I reckon I’ll just go ahead and bite. No wonder you’re such a good fisherman.

I have to agree with you on the issues of disease. Condom protected sex while escorting is certainly safer than unprotected sex on the set even IF proper testing was in practice. I think anyone with half a brain would agree with that. As I see it, however, the dangers of these girls escorting has nothing to do with disease and everything to do with safety as it pertains to violence.

When you’re having sex on camera (or shooting a BDSM scene for that matter), with a guy that’s been in a few thousand scenes, in front of a director who’s shot just as many and the production staff, a still photographer, a suitcase pimp, and a lawyer or something, you’re pretty fuckin’ safe from any foul play. In contrast, as an escort, you never know what kind of lunatic could be lurking deep inside a two thousand dollar suit, and by the nature of escorting, you’re going to be spending a few minutes alone with these guys. Sure, she might have a bull of a driver standing outside the hotel room door, but that’s only gonna do so much good should a john become a Jack (the Ripper). Maybe I’m misinformed. I dunno. I don’t make a habit of hiring call girls.

Now you’ll have to excuse my ignorance here, because I could be misinformed here as well, but it seems to me that a girl that is escorting might lose some of her value in the industry. I mean why would a porn nut, who happens to be living a bit above his means, want to buy DVD’s if he can throw down some dough and actually DO the girl on the boxcover. Maybe I’m just speaking from my own perspective (which is pretty damn narrow) but the mystique of these girls is partly based on the fact that she’s not really attainable. Knowing a girl is escorting, and that all I have to do is make the proper phone call and cough up the proper cash gets her bobbing on my wiener just kinda kills the fun. I can only imagine it’s like that for other guys as well.

You called. There’s my cards.

By the way, I’m gonna be in ATL at the end of August. Any chance a poor quality control/content analyst in VOD from North Carolina could do lunch with the famous Mike South? I’m probably even gonna be parking my car in Doraville and leaving it in a garage there. Lemme know. I’d tell ya to have your people call my people, but I don’t have any fuckin’ people, so just E-mail me.

Take care Sir,


Thanks for the Commentary man you make some VERY valid points, particularly the girl losing some of her value in the industry. It would be my pleasure to have lunch bro….hit me up via email with your schedule and so long as I am in town it’s a done deal!

So The Marraige Amendment Got Shot Down:

By a majority Republican legislature I might add. No surprise there a constitutional amendment is a very hard thing to enact, as it well should be. This never had a chance anyhow, it’s just election year politics, it’s Bush suckling up to the religious right.

Personally I think gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry….they should suffer just like the rest of us.

I Would Caution Everyone:

Not to put a whole lot of faith in the Democrats when it comes to our biz, they would sell us out in a heartbeat and John Kerry is already spouting the “F” word….that being Family Values….

At this point I am still NOT going to vote for Bush, I am actually of the ideology that this country runs best when the white house is Democrat and the legislature is republican, its a good balance and the house id where spending must originate. The white house is has more control over the federal court agendas.

Special Thanks To Felicia Fox:

The Orgasmic Oralist did a great bukkake for me last night….I love Fifi…what a girl!


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Hey Cool! I Caught One :

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