Happy Independence Day!

Hope yours is a good one, and lets not lose track of what the day is really about. Over 200 years ago, tired of being taxed to death (that sound familiar?) and not represented fairly (or that) our forefathers said, enough is enough, we can manage ourselves thank you very much. The Brits didn’t think that was a good idea and we decided to fight em over it and we won. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, thats applies to each and every one of us. If we wish to remain free we must continue to gaurd our freedom, and I am not talking about from Iraq or terrorists, I am talking about from our own government.

At the time we fought for our freedom we were fighting “our government”, The british empire, thats why it’s called a revolution. Don’t trade your freedom for a very falsely pretensed “security”

9030cookie-checkHappy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

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