Funny Story O The Day:

Everyone’s favorite head for animated GIFs sends me a press release yesterday for Jack’s Playground 18. and it quotes me saying “EVEN Mike South acknowledges, “Jack’s Playground is the first really new concept in porn in 10 years.”

So I email her back by hitting reply…..which copies the entire email to the response and I say:

EVEN Mike South!
LOL EVEN when I do make your press release its a backhanded compliment yer a riot A Dell.

The email bounces back to me because her mailbox rejected it saying it was SPAM!

How fucking funny is that….she cant even get her own press releases….Good one ADELL!

OK This is Funny Too…but only because it’s a Frenchman:

Live In Florida? Wanna Pay Iron Mike a Visit?

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Funny Story O The Day:

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