“Attorney Roger Diamond Recaps Glasser Triumph at Free Speech Coalition Meeting
Ramona Ripston Discusses ACLU”

All I can say is this: “Is there no thievery to which the Free Screech Cabal will not stoop?”

This is the same FSC that ran and shoved it’s head in the sand when Glasser got popped, not any help at all. Now they have Glassers attorney speaking at a FSC gathering, one they CHARGED FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS to attend!

I am sure Roger Diamonmd is a nice guy and I applaud his stand in Glassers case but to then go and allow the Free Screech Cabal to make money off of his hard work is appalling to me. When are porners going to learn that Bill Lyon and that lot are LEECHES, plain and simple.

When a fellow on asked what the FSC did Bill Lyon smugly tells him if he isn’t a member he has no right to know…FUCK YOU Bill, and all the rest of you porn fattened hyenas over there. That fellow had EVERY right to know what it is you do before he plunks down his hard earned money.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you are thinking of giving any money to the Free Speech Coalition for any reason DON’T DO IT. Go guy yourself a hooker or a Blowjob, you will, at least get something for your money, instead of fucked in the ass with it.



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