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There is a big push in the FSC by some (but not all) members to endorse the proposition by a Canadian Company, ICM Registry to institute a .xxx domain. I have written about it here in the past. so I won’t re-hash that. I do want to swing the rifle scope directly around to those in the Free Screech Cabal who support this action. You know why? It’s because ICM is giving the FSC a kickback on every domain they sell, and its my understanding that is a considerable amount…more than 5.00 per domain I’m hearing.

Now here’s the question; Do you think that the Free Screech Cabal would support this “zoning” of the internet if they weren’t getting blood money for it? I suspect they’d be screeching bloody murder. But money makes it all OK right?

They keep giving us this mantra that the government (local, state or federal) cant regulate the .xxx domain I know you people aren’t that fucking stupid. We have a law in this country that prevents the government from abridging our right to free speech but every day that law gets challenged and those who can’t afford to fight have to lick the boot of John Ashecroft and Company.

Im sure that the first amendment lawyers are foaming at the mouth for this .xxx domain to become a reality, after all look at all the new billable hours they will generate defending us from the government from yet a new onslaught of regulation, and who among us can afford to fight the imperial federal government?

Do not be led to slaughter, tell ICM and those within the FSC who would sell us out for a buck to go fuck themselves!

We Have a WINNER!

Tod correctly ID’d the guy below with Fifi as Director Quentin Tarrantino

Avi Writes:


Just thought you should know that Private Media Group went public in the exact same fashion as JKP – through a reverse acquisition..

The link to Form SB2 with the Securities and Exchange Commission filed on August 21, 1998:

Indeed they did….I’m wondering if porn companies face the same process as anyone else to get listed…anyone know?

Steve Writes:

What that guys response (Bob) didn’t tell you is not many investment bankers, fund managers etc are allowed to touch stocks, under $1, $5 or on the OTC. by law.

OK first person to ID who that is in the photo with Fifi Wins a free month here!

Fifi and ????

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