Failure To Be Original Is Hardly original

I have a biker  friend named Three Fingers Charlie,  He never told me what happened to the other two on his right hand and I never asked, I always figure when it comes to something like that , if he wants me to know he will tell me.  Three Fingers Charlie, is as you might expect a bad ass, he is also a sweetheart of a guy. But this isn’t about Charlie, I just told you about that so I could tell you about this.

I had a friend of mine who saw the trailer for the Upcoming movie “9” by Tim Burton.  She was convinced that for once mainstream was ripping off porn (8th Day to be exact).


For starters 8th Day was written by Bryn Prior, who never had an original idea in his life. I’m sure the dialogue, as it always is, is stolen from countless other movies. Hardly Original.

“9” started back in 2005 as an animated short by  Shane Acker Seen here:


Tim Burton decided the story was right up his alley (it is) and the animation as well (yup that too) and decided to make a movie of it that will release on 9/9/09

I was once talking to the head of production for a major studio about why porners never do anything original anymore, why we always feel the need to redo something Hollywood has already done, why there’s no creativity.

The response was that the porn consumer, in renting a porn ripooff (I’m not talking the “This aint Sanford and Son” Genre) the porn consumer knows what to expect.

I presume by that this person meant bad acting, bad direction, poorly written dialogue, music that sounds like cats fucking on metal trash cans, and nothing, and I do mean nothing, Original.

Fact is if someone in porn did come up with an original idea…The people in porn who would know what to do with it….Well Three Fingers Charlie could count em on his hand, and probably still have enough fingers left over to  flip them off….

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Failure To Be Original Is Hardly original

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