Earth to Pornchicks….

Between Taylor Wane selling her plus one to the AVN Awards, Teri Weigel whining that Jenna dissed her, and Jenna just being Jenna. I’d like to stop and remind all of y’all…It’s just porn. You fuck for money. You aren’t doing anything to change the world and outside of a few fans nobody will remember your name in ten years if they even recognize it now.

This biz is fucking fun. Stop taking yourselves so seriously, you aren’t anything special. Enjoy what you are doing and your time here in the Playpen of the Damned…It will be over soon enough, matter of fact in all three of your cases your best years in the playpen are way behind you.

Have fun Damn it.

680cookie-checkEarth to Pornchicks….

Earth to Pornchicks….

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