Dear LurkingReader

I hope I’ll be forgiven to use my author credentials to answer a reader’s comment which I could have simply answered in the commentary accordingly. Fact is that I have received similar questions in the last few days and a proper post gives me the opportunity to answer and to clarify my position once and for all as well as to understand what should be my next move about it, if any.

Have the idea my opinion doesn’t carry much weight with you, still gonna say it would be great if you used your admin privileges to share your thoughts, opinions and insights as a resource for performers who aren’t there yet.

I don’t know why you’ve got that idea, but I can assure you that it’s a very wrong one. I have the apparently weak habit to keep in high consideration every opinion and every idea, and believe me when I tell you that yours are not just every opinion. I’m flattered by your (and @lastnot’s and others’) invitation to write more in here. I know that Mike would encourage me to do so even more than he has always done, if he didn’t already know my issues about it. Well, they are not real issues, unless sentimental issues can be considered as such. Everything involving sentimentality can never be an issue really. I guess I’m more shy, than anything else. This is not my creature, but it is one that I am very attached to. “Unfortunately”, I feel particularly attached to its creator too and my respect for Mike holds me up from taking any action that might violate the original editorial project and line in any possible way.

If this wasn’t enough, as some of you know, I write on Quora at over a lot of topics and subjects. This takes quite a few hours off of my daily routine and because when I do something I try to take it very seriously, writing in here on a regular basis would mean for me to take even more time off of my daily schedule. I could partially compensate by alternating original articles with some of my pieces that I write on Quora, but then again I’m not sure that either readers or both would appreciate that. Also, there’s not much happening in porn at the moment, and what I had to say about the issues we all know, I have already said it. I’m not an investigative writer like Mike; I don’t have his sources, his talent and I would never be able to hold on to his legacy. I am opinionated and passionate, I like to provoke, to offer a hint, an opportunity to reflect over a range of topics which inspire me from time to time. I like to ignite discussions; my articles serve to the commentary section, not vice versa. If I started writing in here, it had to be about politics, interpersonal relationships, news bits, sex and education to it, not just about the porn industry. You see…it’s not as easy as it sounds. One thing is writing something from time to time, with good “old” Mike allowing it, and another thing is to write

Now that you know where I stand, I am open to hear what you think, guys. If there is a real interest in reading what I have to say according to and compatibly with what I have said above, if you don’t mind reading what’s the difference between ego and self esteem of what I think of Vladimir Putin, between a porn industry related article and another, if you don’t mind to read something, at times, which has already been published on Quora a few minutes earlier, if you don’t expect only porn industry pieces and if you don’t expect at all porn industry related scoops which I have neither the sources nor the journalistic attitude to produce, if you have the patience and the will to give me the opportunity to trace a new path with your help and feedback, then it will be impossible for me to keep at distance and I will be honored to give my continued contribution.

Since this post gives me also the chance to do it on a wider scale, I wish you all a happy new year.

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Dear LurkingReader

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7 Responses

  1. Sabrina: You write well, and you write thoughtfully. I think if you’re interested in taking the time, you may very well find an audience.

    One of the most effective writers on over the years was Julie Michaels, at least initially. She brought two things to her posts: The first is that she wrote honestly about the life and working life of porn talent in a way that was sometimes, frankly, painful to read. The other is that she understood the craft of putting a piece together.

    I think there are readers who are interested in reading that kind of memoirish writing.

    Just a thought from a long time fan.

  2. I have to second BT’s sentiments and the amazing thing is that English is a SECOND language for you. This site has always been for the readers….thats why I gave out author logins I think you might very well find a solid audience here. Much love and success to you whatever you do though. I hope someday to find ourselves in the same place at the same time so that I might meet the person I feel I know so well. And BT I cant really grasp the idea of fans and even if I did you would be way more in the friends column as would most everyone here

  3. Like holding two opposing views at the same time, its possible to be both a fan and a friend. Heck, I miss this site already!

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts, Sabrina. Please continue to post in this forum, and do so often. Your voice would be missed if you left this site.

  5. I would say to anyone writing here that the key, is be honest don’t be afraid to be yourself, admit that you can learn here, admit that what you think today could change tomorrow based on your experiences and observations but more than anything write from the heart. I have been wrong many times but if it was for the right reasons and I learned from it then it was a good thing. I am pleased to see this site taking a life beyond me I hope that it continues, there is real talent here that is finding a voice, my traffic has not dropped by much at all, thats a testiment to goddess, tim, sabrina, lurking reader and the commenters.

  6. BT I am holding out hope that this site will actually find iots way without me being as much the centerpiece. I am seeing a voice emerging here and I think it may even speak to a larger audience. I retired because porn as you and I know it has moved on and it was time for me to do the same but there are people here who all hold things in common and I think there may be a lot more in common that is noticed at first glance. There is an amazing amount of tolerance here and as such there is a high degree of intellect and valuable discourse. I hope it continues.

  7. Sabrina, I would love to read more of your always thought-provoking writing on this site. It would be nice to know that someone will be keeping an eye on here, in the inevitable event that people will continue to do stupid shit, and the occasional smart shit, in this crazy industry. I would love to read about more than porn too. Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

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