Closing The Book On ASACP

Thanks to some of my readers I now have a pretty good history of ASACP.  In it’s original iteration it was called Adult Sites Against Child Pornography and Gary Kremen was a founding member, you might remember Kremen from the legal fight over ownership.  Kremen

Further along Alec Helmy purchased it as part of “Helmy Enterprises” and began signing paying sponsors

Over the weekend I got several messages from ASACP explaining all the sites that they have supposedly turned in and all the great things that they have supposedly done.  I responded to each message with a simple question; How many indictments has your information led to?  How many convictions? Why don’t you want reports from newsgroups, file sharing sites and other areas where the proliferation of child porn is much higher, why is it you only want websites dedicated to trafficking in child porn.

Their answer…crickets….there was not one single answer because they know the truth, the answer is Zero, In my opinion all they really want is the money and they do not want to be held accountable for producing results.  I think if Helmy were a decent human being he would be ashamed, I know I would be.

On an added note the day after my first story mark kernes over at AVN ran a not so subtle editorial where he was touting taking a job for the Federal Government turning in pornographers…..typical mentality of Kernes and the other fools at The FSC….If you are critical of us you are an enemy….God forbid anyone try to make them accountable.

Anyway Thanks y’all for the info on ASACP, now you know the facts and if you still choose to give them money, well you know where it is going….



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Closing The Book On ASACP

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