Chili Palmer Writes:

Hey South, I see where the boyz over at AVN announced that Metro signed Bridgette Kerkove to a directing deal. I have a couple of question about that, wasn’t she already signed to Metro and exactly how many chopsticks makes one “A List”?

Yes she was in a performer contract with Metro but some pornchick turning director is getting rather old really…as far as the chopsticks LOL…I ain’t touching that one.

In Other News Jenna Just Signed a Seven Year Contract and Shot her Last Girl Girl Scene:

All in a week…hmmmmmm, does this mean she will do guys other than her gay looking hubby? Don’t bet on it…So just what is she going to do to fulfill that seven year Vivid Contract….Kudos to Jenna though…for having the good sense to know when to bow out. She is on top, that’s where ya quit…before you become an embarrassment.

So Who is The Next Female Cum Director:

Sources tell me that in addition to Kami/Salome…(yawn) that none other than Stormy Waters/Daniels will be next (Double yawn). Mike Moz was unavailable for comment. I’m also hearing rumors about Shane making a comeback (likely with Vivid, maybe Wicked) and even Ava Devine directing….geez.

Right or not this all leads me to conclude that porners have indeed lost any sense they may ever have had. Theres a reason that generally speaking directors dont act and actors don’t direct. And hey what’s more boring than all this shit anyway.

MikeSouth.Com Employment Deal of The Month:

Pamela Anderson
Email Her

Looking to join an organization where I can use my office and production abilities to help promote the company I work for. I also look forward to being a team player.


I have worked for Sean Michaels International since April 2001. Since joining the company I have learned many areas of the office and production areas such as A/R, A/P, customer service, payroll, entering production, sales, casting talent, model releases, and using labdat information. I was Sean Michaels’ personal assistant for four years.


WPM 35-45,

I have known Pam for several years and I know that she is a dedicated and hard working person, so if any of y’all have a position that she is qualified for shoot her an email
Steve Lane Responds:

Last I checked, Serenity was in Vegas. Last I checked, Serenity is 5′ 4″. Last I checked, Serenity wants more kids and finally, Last I checked, that looks nothing like Serenity. But for that guy who looked into, He should “GO FOR IT”

Hope that helps

We all knew that wasn’t Serenity but it is odd to my why soneone would want to pretend to be her for the purpose of finding a mate….

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Chili Palmer Writes:

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