Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes:

Sean Michaels has signed on to shoot for red Light District and Platinum X Pictures. No word yet on how this affects his company SMP. In more interesting news rumors are flying that Jules Jordan is considering leaving Evil Angel, but the question is to go where? My sources tell me that Anabolic is recruiting him hard. Jules is probably the hottest property in the Evil Empire and would make one helluva addition to Anabolics, now weak, roster. Question is why would Jules leave Evil, He makes more there than Anabolic has ever paid anyone, Is Chris Alexander going to cough up what it would take to get him?

It’s Hot in the Kitchin:

It has come to my attention that someone who chose to engage me got his feelings hurt. In all honesty I meant no harm, A word out to you guys though, Please, I am not known for my sensitivity OK? So if you are having deep emotional or psychological issues, do not engage me. I have thick skin so if you want to do battle with me, you should too. I welcome constructive criticism and I would never attack someone for that but if you try to bite me, be forewarned, I will bite back.

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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes:

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