Bob is Near tears:

Mike: Your offer to the British student trying to auction off her viriginity to further her studies nearly brought tears to my eyes. Every now and then, someone steps up to the plate and does something to restore my faith in humanity… and the power of a good gimmick.

Let’s see if she takes you up on your offer. Will you throw in her travel expenses as well?

The question is what would a lesbian find most distasteful — the old fashioned missionary position, and a dozen guys dropping their loads on her face.

Of course her travel is included. It just seemed wrong to me that she should have to lose her virginity in such an undignified manner.


Mike South Humanitarian of the Year:

After reading about the 18 year old virgin in the U.K. who is auctioning off her virginity via the internet I have decided to take action. I can’t let this immoral travesty just happen, I mean a cherry is terrible thing to waste on just some shmoe off the internet. So I have decided to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

I am offering Rosie Reid $10,000.00 to do 2 bukkakes for She gets to keep her precious cherry and I get to feel good about giving her an option and helping her education.

Now who says porners are heartless.


11480cookie-checkBob is Near tears:

Bob is Near tears:

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