Blu Cigs At Miami Exxxotica

One of the more interesting things I found at Miami Exxxotica was the new product from AEBN called Blu.


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I was interested in this product so I gave two different people a test run with it.  The first was Kayden Kross, Kayden is an adamant NON Smoker, so I didn’t expect her to like it.  To my surprise she loved it and got one of her own after smoking mine every time she saw me last weekend. Kayden liked them A LOT!

Second was Jade, Jade smokes Marlboro Red 100s after trying them I couldn’t get them out of her hands, she confiscated my kit and I had to get another one.

As for my experience I have been an on and off smoker of ultra lights for many years and I like Blu a lot as well.

Here’s the rub on these cigarettes.  They are electronic, while you do exhale smoke it isnt really smoke it’s water vapor.  There’s no carbon monoxide or tar or other chemicals except the nicotine, which can be purchased is full nicotine, light, ultra light or no nicotine.

They do have batteries and the kit comes with two in the form of the “white” part of the cigarette, the pack acts as a charger and is the same size as a regular box of cigarettes so you have a charged cigarette (or two) at all times. The cigarette is the same size as a regular cigarette  the flavor packs slip on the end and look like the filter.

Flavors are Classic tobacco, menthol (which honestly tastes more minty), vanilla, coffee, and cherry.  All flavors come in full, light, ultra light or no nicotine versions

the pack comes with a wall charger as well as a usb cable charger. So you charge the pack periodically, which in turn charges the cigaretes.

It is legal to smoke the cigarettes anywhere, and that’s the big point here.  Indoors, on a plane, in church, at work, anyplace!  There is no second hand smoke, no ashes and no burning tip to damage carpet or upholstery. There’s also no more leaving your desk for a smoke break so your productivity increases as well.

Is it healthier than cigarettes, I’d have to say yes, no doubt but I do not know what the long term effects of nicotine are but Im inclined to go the nicotine free route or at worst the ultra lights.

flavor cartridges set you back a buck each but they are the equivalent of 12-15 cigarettes (5 cartridges for 5 bucks)

The starter kit with carrying case, charger, pack, 2 cigarettes and 25 cartridges costs you 59.95  ( click any of the blu links here.

It’s rare that I promote a product and I never promote a product I don’t personally use and believe in, this is one I can get behind.


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Blu Cigs At Miami Exxxotica

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