And I Answer Some Comments From Below

Ok lets separate the wheat from the chaff here

they are going after piracy because it sounds good, but are they really going after piracy? The answer is no What have they done to stop Pirate Bay or any tube site or any other form of piracy? The answer is nothing.

They crow about 2257 but truth is it was Rondee Kamins who got 2257 overturned with her own money and the FSC didnt so much as file an amicus brief.

When you ask them where the money has gone you get one of two answers…the infamous we spend it protecting the industry or if you were a member we’d tell you. Both are lies. i was a member and they wouldn’t tell me and I’m not the only one. And they can never come up with anything substantive that they have accomplished.

Me run for the board of directors? Fat chance because the first thing I would do is dissolve it. Its name is synonymous with waste and ineptitude and the damage has been done over so long a period of time that it could never be undone.

They say all the board members are volunteers but I know that to be bullshit, at least at the Executive Director level. I know the salaries of a few former members, I have also seen expense reports that included ten dollar a day room service tips in Sacramento.

The FSC has been little more than a hole for the industry to dump money into, where it goes is anyones guess, they love to tell you where it didn’t go, or at least where they claim it didn’t go. So I get this email that was from someone inside the FSC who would be in a position to know these things and yes I believe this person.

You should too.

Our industry needs a good organization and Dave Cummings and Mark kernes would both be valuable members but it has to be an organization with vision, leadership, objectives and dedication. the FSC is NOT that organization.

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And I Answer Some Comments From Below

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