About That Mr Syphilis Interview


" I am a Pussy"OK I have dug into this a bit, seems that it wasn’t just AVN, XBiz was also invited to this mini press conference. set up by none other than good old Diane “sellout” Duke.

Apparently they didn’t want someone like me, or the company owners he deceived or the talent he infected or the talent or companies whose lives he has completely fucked up to be able to ask him questions. I’m sure he didn’t want to have to confront the agents that announced his faked test.

What a fucking PUSSY this little punk ass mother fucker is.

Nothing against AVN or XBIZ  I will provide links as soon as its up but I have a feeling this little mini press conference is going to raise more questions than it answers

64620cookie-checkAbout That Mr Syphilis Interview

About That Mr Syphilis Interview

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