I was gonna do a best of/worst of for 2002:

But I dunno…heres a few…y’all got some? shoot em to me..

Best Porn Boat sinking: Mike South on 9/8/2002 (and we lost about 200 lbs of red snapper to boot…just damn)

Best Suitcase Pimp: This is a tough one but Bridgette Kerkove was “retired” for most of 2002 so I gotta give the nod to Tim Case, ya he is my bud but hell he never misses an opportunity to plug his girl Felicia Fox…Honorable mention goes to DJ Batman…an up and commer, His Girl Reagan Anthony is way hot…

Worst suitcase Pimp: Do I gotta say it?…Evan Seinfeld, hands down!

Most fun pornthing I did all year….easily Porn Star Bowling at the Nightmoves Show…Jaime Romero, Beater, Cori Love, Felicia Fox, Tim Case, Haley, Cali Cox…we had a BALL!

Most not fun porn thing I did all year….Interview guys to be talent.

Best Moron of the year: Brian Ciancio, he even got an award named for his dumb ass.

Best Pornflake of the Year: This one was gonna be a hands down winner for Alexa Rae Till Tera Patrick upstaged her…

Best Whiney Director: Quasarman, who else

Best Director who can’t light a shot: Nic Andrews

Most taleted and underated Director: (Other than me of course) Robbie D.

Best writer about porn: Henri Pachard, the dude is good.

Worst writer about porn: I would say Gene Ross but he didn’t write…just cut and pasted. So the nod goes to Al Borda.

Best male publicist: Harry Weiss…Hey I had to seperate these by sex for obvious reasons.

Best Female Publicist Adella O’Neal though Carly Milne will likely be in the running next year…if she survives the kiss of death job at Metro.

Best scam in porn: The PCR/DNA test

Worst scam in porn: Compilations

Most annoying porn topic in RAME: anything interracial

Best slut in porn: Tiffany Mason

Girl I most hated to see sign with Vvid: Tiffany Mason aka Taya

Most Dangerous porn Practice: Ass to mouth, thats responsible for a shitload (pardon the pun) of nasty infections.

Best Catfight: Serenity, Jewel DeNyle and Jackie Lick V. Tera Patrick and Devon at The Nightmoves Show…hey now we KNOW why Tera was so bitchy then, at least.

Best porn cynic: Hands down, Dr X aka Sherman.

Best maker of animated GIFs and other such funny stuff: Curious

Ok enough of that….

6670cookie-checkI was gonna do a best of/worst of for 2002:

I was gonna do a best of/worst of for 2002:

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