Goddess Writes:

“Funniest Blog: www.theworldofgoddess.com takes simplyjimmyd out this year, JimmyD cut his hair and lost his edge, then he took up with a church and the result has been spotty at best. On the other hand Goddess is, well, odd. If you want to get inside the mind of a chick and see the world through a chicks eyes theworldofgoddess.com is a rare peek. honorable mention goes to Carly Milne at www.pornblography.com but her updates are spotty.”

Here is my acceptance speech…just go with me on this. I was bored.

“Dear Esteemed Members of the Voting Committee and Mike South, which I’m fairly certain are one and the same:
I am thrilled to be named writer of the “funniest blog” for 2004. I’d like to thank the five people who skim my page regularly and give me a reason for getting out of bed in the afternoon. I’d also like to thank my family, and my many children, beginning with the older one, I think she’s blonde, and ending with the little red-headed one that’s still in diapers.
They are truly my inspiration.
I’d also like to thank JimmyD for cutting his hair and finding the Lord. Praise Jesus. May he stay unfunny in 2005. (Jimmy, not Jesus.)
By accepting this cash award—there IS a cash award involved, right? This isn’t one of those stupid awards where I’m just supposed to be happy with the “honor,” is it?? Cuz honor don’t buy my booze or 25 pound sacks of rice for my kids!
In conclusion, let me say that I’m thankful I won this very prestigious, this good, this no cash payin’ award in 2004, cuz now that Tim Case has his own blog I won’t stand a chance against that too funny, good looking bastard next year.”
Ever so insincerely yours,
P.S. “Why the HELL do you continue to refer to me as ‘odd’?! LET….IT….GO!!”

NOW You know what I mean….She is a riot

A New Catagory:

Best Porn Groupie – Hands down, Gidget! and thats a good thing, she is witty, cool, cute and more fun than squashin tadpoles.

A-Dell Goes Fishin:

and sends me the following categories:

Best Porn Journalist – hmmm there’s no-one in porn Id call a “journalist”

Best Adult News Site – There isn’t one, AVN isn’t news its fluff, Adultfyi is cut and pasted from fark.com and other sources….

Best Contract Star – She is always on time, Always professional, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t need babysitting, hell she don’t even date rock stars…Carmen Luvana

Performer of the Year – I’d have to say Chris Rock

Funniest DVD – Dawn of the Dead (Richard Cheese singing Down With The Sickness had me in tears)

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Goddess Writes:

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