I Hear Alexa Rae Got Married:

To a club DJ or something.

A Few More:

Porns Best Couple: Nick Manning and Nick Manning

Most Fun Porn Thing I did All Year: The Nightmoves Tampa Show

Porn’s Nastiest New Girl: Ala BAAAAAA Ma.

OK Heres a Start:

Porn’s Biggest Moron: Now this one should have a lot of competition but it doesn’t hands down it’s Flashman. Checkout his recent update about Cherokee being the only Native american ( Indian) in porn. He is full of shit he is further full of shit saying she gets 30 calls an hour there aint that many people in porn, so maybe she is hooking but that still means 2 minutes per call…bullshit.

Nest he states

Where did I get the name Flashman? At my first AVN Awards show in 1995, Racquel Darrian, Sylvia Saint and Patricia Kennedy, walked over to me and said, ‘Wow, who are you?’ I said, ‘I’m me.’ They said, ‘We will now call you Flashman. There’s already a Buttman and a Pussyman.’

More BullShit Sylvia Saint Came into Porn YEARS after Raquel Darrien and Patricia Kennedy got out.

more bullshit a few weeks ago he claimed to have had lunch with a professional sports coach who has been dead for 2 years.

Porn’s Biggest Scam: Single Source STD testing…nuff said.

Dumbest Statement By A Porn Chick: Sharon Mitchell “We have eradicated HIV”

Best PR Campaign: Hands down. no contest Mark Kulkis, Mary Carey for Governer.

Best Performance By a Pornchick: Mary Carey for Governer, she stayed with the program and never let it go to her head, she smiled and laughed when others made fun of her and she took it all in stride without taking herself too seriously as most would have

Porns Biggest Fuck Up: Rob Black….he asked for it and he got it.

Porns Best Director That doesn’t get his Props: RobbyD, James DiGiorgio (tie)

Porns Worst Director Who Thinks He is Gifted: This ones tough but Nic Andrews takes it hands down, I can’t help but think Scott Taylor (New Sensations) secretly laughed his ass off when DP hired him away)

The Best head to put on an animated gif: Who else A-Dell! She has been on a dancing turkey, a dancing leprechaun, a dancing egg, and lots of others.

The Funniest Porn Writer: JimmyD Simplyjimmyd.com

The Person Most in Need of a Valium Here Lately: Wankus. This shit is fun dude, yer gettin way too serious about it, kick back, relax and laugh bro.

Most Depressing Tit Job: Tera, they used to be damn near perfect…now she is just another pornchick.

The Best Maker of Top Ten Lists: Harry Weiss, he can make a top ten list of anything and it will be funny.

The Best Suitcase Pimp: For the second year in a row Tim Case. (Skeeter dont pimp no more…he is now a Director.)

The Most Surprising Porn Departure: Tod Hunter from AVN and Bill Margold from FSC.

The Least Surprising Porn Departure: Carly Milne from Metro (Nobody lasted in that job)

Porn Departures we WISH Would happen: Ed Powers, Gene Ross, Rob Black & Lizard.

Best Fishing Trophy: My 82 LB Cobia

Coolest Novelty Company: Who else…Las Vegas Novelties, they got ron jeremy, serenity, jackie lick, sean michaels, guage, alexis amore and ME!

Best Use of Technology in Porn: Digital Photography, High end Digital SLRs from Nikon and Canon

Worst Use of Technology in Porn: Vivid DVDs with missing scenes.

Coolest Thing to do on Tuesday nights in Porn Valley: Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos in Burbank.


Who’s Ya Daddy:

What, No Companion Ticket? (or, WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?)

A sperm bank in Australia hit the jackpot with its promotion to lure donors Down Under.

The Reproductive Medicine Centre ran an ad in a student newspaper in Calgary, Canada, offering a free two-week trip to Australia in exchange for sperm donations. It has had a flood of responses, some from as far as Russia and Ukraine, according to a Sydney news report.

Donors get a travel package worth $5,180, including airfare and two weeks’ accommodation. In exchange, they must donate sperm every other day and allow their identity be revealed to any potential offspring, per the news report. (A pending law that will allow kids to know the identity of both parents has kept Australian donors away.) The sperm bank director told the Sydney newspaper that there’s enough demand to cover the cost of importing donations.

Thanks to Hart for that one!


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