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Love the site. I have a question for you that may have been ask to you before. Here goes: “Why is it that big name pornstars like Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Stacey Valentine, Jill Kelly and tons of others that reach that over-hyped status never performs scenes with minorities? I remember seeing two movies with the greatest pornstar(in my opinion) in the world Christy Canyon with a african american. But once she made it big she didn’t do it with black men anymore. I mean I don’t have anything against any race, but I want to see variety. Nothing wrong with that right? What about those people that find pornstars like Jenna so perfect, but there ultimate fanastacy is seeing her in a interracial scene?

Is it the directors, the pornstars, the public, or the company? There is nothing wrong with solid male pornstars like Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus or Jake Steed. Whatsa the deal? Can you give some kind of answer why?



I can tell ya the truth…just remember don’t shoot the messenger. I could care less what color someone is and anyone that knows me knows that. I fought a huge battle to get Midori on a boxcover, Xplor didn’t want to use her for the box cuz she is black, I raised holy hell and threatened to quit over it and they relented…and that video was my best selling one up to that time.

Some girls don’t want to work with Black guys at all….matter of fact I shot a black girl that would only work with white guys….go figure.

Some Companies will not shoot interracial for their features because it actually hurts sales in that some cable channels will not buy it. So some top contract girls for instance usually don’t do IR if the movie is going to cable.

Other girls would do it but the company management won’t let them, figuring it’s a bad PR move.

So what ya have is a wide variety of reasons….and like it or not it IS the reality of the biz.

Best thing you can do is vote yer wallet man…if thats what you like and a chick doesn’t do it…don’t buy or rent her vids….or the companys

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