Mia Rose is Out

OK I know its pretty much old news if you are a Mia fan but it got me thinking today. I first met Mia at a Tampa Show a couple of years ago and right from the start I liked her. She wass fun, energetic, enthusiastic and happy, and I hope she still is.

I thought about calling her today but decided to let her be, she has probably answered enough questions and I have found that when a girl decides to leave the biz and means it she generally isnt interested in maintaining contact with the biz.

Mia wasn’t what you would call a classic beauty like her sister Ava, but she seemed to have more of what I call a “star quality” nothing against Ava but Mia seemed more at home in porn, more happy to be here, she liked people, was outgoing and fun.

Another thing I noticed was she photographed beautifully.

She always said nice things about me too….I wish her all the best.

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Mia Rose is Out

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