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It seems the HWMIC at Metro knew he wasn’t likely to get anyone in porn valley to come to work there so all of the replacements are coming from “back east”. Word I get is that Metro’s bottom line is in the toilet, not only do they not pay their bills to manufacturers, it seems they now pretty much only sell to the company stores, who don’t pay them. Seems Metro is in a downward spiral only slightly less dramatic than that of Extreme…good riddance I say. It’s time we moved out the dinosaurs and the scam artists and made room for honest companies with good product.

One question remains though, IIRC Kenny Guarino is under court order not to have anything to do with the day to day operations of Metro. Metro is still a publicly held company, though it seems that NASDAQ delisted them. Does this make his current house cleaning a breach of that court order? Anyone who knows email me…I’d like to get to the bottom of this one.

Metro in Turmoil:

Word I’m hearing all over porn valley is that Metro has lost over half it’s Chatsworth employees since Friday. General Manager Sammy Nelson quit, Greg Alves stepped down to be a consultant a month ago and Kenny Gaurino came into town with a God complex and cleaned house this week. Nobody at Metro has returned my emails but I have heard this from enough people now to know it’s true. Metro like other big porn companies is no longer bringing in the money the way it once did, they stumbled and alienated their core market with condom product and never quite recovered.


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